What side effecst associated with Lasik
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Laser Eye Surgery Side Effects

Here are some of the most common Lasik side effects This is just a general list there are several other difficulties that can be associated with this eye surgery procedure.

Halos With Night Vision
Dry Eyes
Sensitivity To Light
Visual Regression
Loss of Contrast Sensitivity
Of all the Laser eye surgery procedure that are preformed there's a one to five percent chance that patients my experience some difficulties.  Here are some of the most common side effects of  Lasik surgery.
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Lasik Side Effects

Also this is rare, in some cases patients may experience over correction or under correction. If this is the case additional treatment or corrective glasses my be required.

Some video footage called Lasik Problems explains that the society of eye surgeons claim that 95% of Lasik patients are satisfied with the results. The group was expected to tell the FDA that side effects are rear and usually temporary. In a few years the FDA has had dozens of complaints. Doctors say that not everyone is a candidate for Laser eye corrective surgery, especially if the pupil is to large of the cornea is to thin. One doctor testifies that he turns away approximately twenty percent of potential Laser eye surgery prospects.

Side effects may only occur in five percent of Lasik patients but what if your fall in the five percent? Laser eye surgery is Certianly dangerous even thought there is a ninth five percent success rate.